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An update on crisp packet recycling

26 Jun 2019

GB has just sent off a staggering 8,000 crisp packets (19kg) as part of the crisp packet recycling scheme, run by Walkers, and is in the top 200 collectors in the country.

Since April 2019, we’ve been collecting the crisp packets - we get money for recycling (fundraising for our life-changing work) and the crisp packets are cleaned and shredded to turn them into plastic pellets (social action as it's good for the environment). These pellets are then transformed into park benches, plant pots, watering cans and cool bags!

GBM’s Assistant Director Catherine Burt says ‘The response to this scheme has been fantastic, with GB groups, churches, workplaces, schools and many others remembering to save their crisp packets and send them in to us, which is great news for the environment and for GB.’

Our first batch of packets has raised around £44 for GB and we have lots more packets at the Support Centre ready to be packaged and sent off.

To help you, and us, get the most out of this scheme, we’ve listed below some handy tips.

Top tips

* Use carrier bags or bin liners to condense the crisp packets or flatten the packets out and bundle them up, helping you to fit more packets into a bag.

* If you’re attending our Summer Conference on 6 July, or know someone who is, keep hold of your crisp packets, save money on postage and bring them directly to the GB Support Centre. If you can’t make it to conference, try to send more packets less frequently so as to save money on postage.

* Don’t forget, our poster is still available to download and display where you meet. You can download this below.

* Sending packets to be weighed can be a lengthy process – especially when deliveries have to be sorted through! Please don’t send in popcorn, nuts, pork scratchings or coffee bags as we will not receive any money for sending these and mean our packages weigh less than expected.

We need you!

We’re expecting lots of crisp packets to be brought to conference and it would be great if we could get some volunteers into the Support Centre to help us package them up. If you could spend a day or a few hours helping, we’d love you to get in touch by emailing or calling us on 01246 582322.


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