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Fancy getting involved? There are many ways to join in with all that Girls’ Brigade (GB) is doing.


GB has more than 600 groups around the country and these are open to children and young people, primarily girls, aged 4 plus. Why not find out more and locate a group near you?

Volunteers & leaders

More than 3,500 adults in England and Wales give their time and gifts as part of the leadership team of GB. Find out how YOU could be the key to lives in your community being transformed. 

Developing new GB

New GB is developed by local GB teams (with support from GB’s national support centre and network of mission enablers). GB teams are groups of people who are passionate about seeing children and young people’s lives and communities transformed and enriched. They provide groups and activities for different ages, in different settings and in different styles; depending upon the needs of the local area. 

Pray and give

GB helps to transform and enrich lives – check out how you could support us financially or find out more about our prayer network.

n:vestigate groups

4-8s are invited to join the journey in n:vestigate groups.

n:gage groups

7-11s discover the adventure in n:gage groups.

n:counta groups

10–14s meet real life head on through n:counta groups.

n:spire groups

13-18s experience the challenge in GB’s n:spire groups.

The Esther Collective Communities

And GB’s Esther Collective Communities are a great place for 18–30s women to enjoy friendship groups that encourage them to develop integrity, influence and faith in their homes, everyday lives, study and workplaces.


koko is an online place for teenage girls, and a great resource for youth leaders. Films, blogs, insights and support about living life to the full – enabling girls to ‘keep on keeping on’ in a hope-filled way.

UK Girl

In October 2015, Girls' Brigade Ministries hosted the first ever 'UK Girl Gathering' in order to prompt a conversation about raising hope for girls. Inspirational change-makers from around the UK were invited to meet together, and a group of 40 CEOs, ministers, youth activists and advisers used this opportunity to share their hope for girls. It was a collaborative time of dreaming, hoping and looking forward - resulting in the production of what we've called The Manifesto. Now we’re encouraging others to join the UK Girl conversation too.

Latest news...

  • 1st Hawkwell's 50th anniversary celebrations

    6 Dec 2019

    It’s been a busy 50th anniversary year for 1st Hawkwell GB group; here’s a round-up of just some of the activities they’ve enjoyed.

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  • 3 new GB groups open

    4 Nov 2019

    The new school year saw the opening of 3 new GB groups in the Northumberland & Durham, Merseyside and Stour Valley Districts. All 3 groups have already had a great response and are enjoying welcoming girls through their doors every week.


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  • Team Challenge 2019-20

    25 Oct 2019

    Team Challenge will be going on at GB’s winter conference on Saturday 2 November 2019. They will then be available to purchase from the GB Support Centre from 4 November 2019.

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Training & events...

Check out GB's lively training and events calendar.