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14 Sep 2017

What is The Esther Collective? We get asked this a lot. The Esther Collective isn't a course or a programme. It’s a group of women aged 18-30s who are trying to figure out life and faith. It’s a group of women who want to be part of a small community of fun and friendship. It’s a group of women who are asking the question ‘What is God calling me to "for such a time as this" (Esther Ch.4:14)?’

In 2018, over 5 Saturdays, we'll gather as The Esther Collective at Nailsea Methodist Church, in Bristol, to look at the story of Esther, and hear from God as we have fun and laughter with one another. These gatherings will take place on:

Saturday 10 February

Saturday 24 March

Saturday 5 May

Saturday 16 June

Saturday 14 July.

In between the gatherings, we'll continue to be a community, connecting with one another and accessing regular blogs on the Online Hub. We’re also encouraged to find a mentor and read the Bible – help and support is given with both of these.

Here are some of the things that women who've previously been a part of The Esther Collective have said: ‘Freeing and empowering is how I’d describe the whole thing.’ … ‘Loved the sense of community.’ … ‘Esther Collective has inspired me to be more creative and has helped remind me of the gifts that God has given me to use.’

Maybe you’re a woman who is coming to the end of university and wondering what’s next.

Maybe you’re a woman who has moved to a new city and you're looking to connect with other women.

Maybe you’re a woman with children who is hoping to set aside some time to focus on Jesus.

Or maybe you’re a woman just looking to deepen your faith and make some new friends in the process.

Whatever your situation, if you’re a woman aged 18-30s, we invite you to be a part of The Esther Collective Bristol from February to July 2018 as we gather together, encourage one another, have fun and hear from God.

The Esther Collective is open to all women aged 18-30s. The Esther Collective Bristol is being run in partnership with the West of England Baptist Association (WEBA). There is a reduced cost for active members of Girls’ Brigade England & Wales, and those from WEBA churches.

To join The Esther Collective, or to find out more, take a look at the website or email

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