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Bubbling with enthusiasm

12 Sep 2011

GB members who went to Kosova this summer were FIZZ-ing with the Good News as they organised holiday Bible clubs, painted widow's houses, distributed aid to the Kosovan people and supported the local church.

Heidi Cooper, from 3rd Halesowen GB, shares her experiences...

'This was my second trip to Kosova and being part of the GB FIZZ teams out there. After my return from Kosova last year I couldn’t stop thinking about the place or the people and was so determined to go back.

'This year I returned with two other girls from my company and went back for two weeks. During the first week I helped run a children’s holiday club in Fortesa, this involved sharing a Bible story with the children, singing songs, indoor and outdoor games and craft activities.

'On my second week, I was involved with another holiday club in Krelan, which resulted in the number of children growing to 209 throughout the week. This was challenging but so worthwhile. I also had the opportunity to go on widow visits, where we took aid to widows in the area. The widows were very welcoming and were willing to share their stories of the trauma they suffered during the war.

'During my second week I spent a day on the painting team and helped paint a family’s house. The conditions they lived in were so poor and it made me really appreciate the comforts that we take for granted back home.

'While in Kosova we also shared fun and fellowship with local Christians and took part in youth group meetings, Sunday services and the GB company in Gjakova. My favourite part from the trip is when we went to meet the children from the local Roma camp. We only played simple outdoor games with the children but the smiles and glistens of joy in their eyes was so rewarding.

'I'd really encourage others to step out of their comfort zone and join in with the FIZZ mission work next year.'

You can read other FIZZ team member's experiences on the GB Europe CONNECTED blog and about FIZZ being GB International's project until 2014.

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