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February's prayer pointers

1 Feb 2019

Pray for GB's work and impact this month by downloading our prayer flyer for February 2019 or by checking out some online prayer pointers.

Prayer is the backdrop of GB and we'd love you to pray, as an individual or in a group, for the GB family. 

Why not download the prayer flyer for February 2019 below or read on for the prayer points?

Below you’ll find 7 prayer points – 1 for each day of the week – so you can pray for each point around 4 times over the course of an average month.

GB International: Pray for GB International President Priscilla Penny spending time with GBI Treasurer (and GBEW Team Leader) Betty McComb, GBI Administrator (and GBEW staff team member) Vikki Loveday and others this month.

Shrove Tuesday
: Take time to be grateful for full bellies as we look forward tucking into pancakes on Shrove Tuesday in early March and pray for those without such fortune and that they’ll find their strength in the Lord.

Love: As we celebrate Valentine's Day, pray and be thankful for our cherished friends and family. Strive to show love and forgiveness to all this month as we are loved and forgiven by God each and every day

GB Support Centre: Keep the GB staff team in your prayers as preparations are made for the Spring Conference next month. May God guide them and may they keep Him at the forefront of all they do.

Pray for the GBM Trustee Board and GBEW Network Executive as they meet on 8 and 9 February. May they have
wisdom and guidance as they make important decisions to Build Hope for GB’s future

Training: A
s the year settles in, pray for GB training sessions around England and Wales as trainers teach and encourage new and existing leaders. Pray the leaders will develop skills that will give girls and young women in GB great opportunities this year.

£125 for 125 years: Pray for generosity for GB, that girls, leaders and others inspired to give to GB will be able to raise £125 for the Build Hope challenge in 2019 to help reduce GB’s funding deficit


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