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Funding and fundraising is very topical at the moment for GB nationally and local groups.

The autumn/winter 2011 edition of The View offered some ideas in the 'Money matters’ article - available for download below. One of these is tapping into small grants from local councils and grant-making trusts.

Nikki Hargreaves, GB’s Marketing & Activities Co-ordinator, says 'GB nationally is also applying for grants but there are some grants which are for local work only. For example, Nottinghamshire Community Foundation, Bradford – Youth Opportunity Fund and Oxfordshire – Chill Out Fund are all location-specific. We want to work with you to tap into some of these funds but need your help!’

To register your interest and be contacted with possibilities for your area, contact Nikki or check out the Funding Central website.

Please note that in many cases, applications specify that:
• Your GB group applies for funding for a specific project or new idea rather than running costs e.g. connecting with a school, new outreach project, after school club or social inclusion
• In some cases, there needs to be evidence of young people helping to write the bid and developing the project.

The ‘Money matters’ article also refers to fundraising ideas which helps many GB groups with their running costs and providing extras. Examples include supermarket bag packing, quiz nights, sponsored sleepover and taking a worship service. For support and further ideas, please contact 01235 510425.


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