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GB Europe FIZZ trip to Uganda in 2019

15 Jun 2018

'This isn’t just a one-time experience, it’s a life-altering practice.'

In 2019, GB Europe is excited to join with Fields of Life to offer a transformative discipleship and mission experience in Uganda from 20 July to 3 August 2019.

What will I be doing?

FIZZ Uganda 2019 is an exciting and transformative experience with 2 distinct focuses:


Before you invest in others, we're going to invest in you.

What’s God been saying to you? Do you get a moment to 'take a breath' and be still? 

A small proportion of each day will be spent in worship, Bible exploration, prayer and discussion.


The team will be based at Grace Christian Primary School in Kacungwa in Mubende district of Uganda (see photo). The team focus will be on projects and initiatives empowering girls and women including delivering menstrual health hygiene classes, distributing I AM Girl menstrual health packs, workshops and children's programmes. The final schedule will be tailored to the interest and the skills of the team.

'It was truly one of the best things I've ever done in my life,' says Charlotte Crooks from GB England & Wales, FIZZ Team 2016.

'I'd recommend anyone considering a mission trip to "be courageous" regardless of age or experience,' says Tracey Davies from GB Northern Ireland, FIZZ Team 2016.

This is NOT just a photo album experience.

FIZZ Uganda 2019 will equip you to live your faith out at home as well as beyond.

Interested in finding out more about Fields of Life, cost and eligibility? Check out the FIZZ Uganda 2019 website. Any further questions? Email our volunteer FIZZ Co-ordinators.

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