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GB leader joins Youth United Youth Panel

1 Feb 2019

GB Leader Hayley Flint has been selected for the 2019 Youth United Foundation Youth Panel.

The panel, of 14 to 24 year olds, aims to give young adults a voice on the future of uniformed youth services, enables young adults with experience of uniformed groups to work together with those from other groups and to provide their views to decision-makers at the national level. GB is one of 11 uniformed youth organisations who are part of the Youth United Foundation network.

Hayley, 22, is a Leader at 4th Lincoln GB group. She attended her first panel meeting on 19 January 2019.

GB's Director Jules Murdy says 'We’re really excited that Hayley has been selected for this panel to advocate for GB and the work of uniformed youth organisations.’

Here Hayley shares some more about her new role…

Why did you want to be on the YUF youth panel? When I first saw that a representative for GB was needed for the panel I was a bit hesitant, I then looked at the research that we'd be focusing on for the year – loneliness - and felt that I was being called to stand up and be a part of this. I then looked at the impact from the previous research that had taken place and I knew then that I needed to apply.

How was your first meeting? I was quite nervous for the first meeting, worrying that they'd made the wrong choice! But, we were instantly put at ease and everyone was so kind and friendly. I found out, when she walked through the door, that I knew the Boys' Brigade representative! We had a couple of icebreakers which put us all at ease, we were then told about the background to the research and what to expect going forwards. For the first part of the research we spilt into two groups and looked at what the best uniformed youth organisation and what the worst uniformed youth organisation might do and compared our thoughts from this. Our next meeting is over February half-term, so I'm looking forward to getting back together and working with the other representatives.

What are your hopes for GB as a result of being on the youth panel? I hope that from the research and the findings that we're able to further recognise and support our young people when they're feeling lonely; to be able to have an open conversation with our young people and them not to feel any stigma surrounding loneliness and mental health.

How can we pray for you? Please can you pray that the work and the findings are viewed as significant and we're taken seriously.




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