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GB Ministries responds to UK Government’s RSE consultation

6 Mar 2018

As part of its developing advocacy strategy, GB Ministries has submitted a response to the UK Government’s Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) consultation.

The Department for Education’s existing sex and relationship guidance was last updated in 2000 and over the past two months, it has been facilitating a public consultation about proposed changes.

Dr Claire Rush, GB’s Advocacy Co-ordinator, explains why it is important for GB to respond. She says ‘A poll of young people by the Centre of Social Justice found that almost three quarters (72%) of young people aged 14-17 wanted relationship education to help them understand how to build long term, lasting relationships as an adult. In fact, a long term, lasting relationship in adult life is important or very important to 77% of teenagers. Relationship education needs to equip young people with the understanding and skills to develop these relationships.’

Over the past few years, research has also revealed the increase of sexual harassment among school children, and the negative impact of sexting and pornography as well as the importance of teaching consent.

A number of volunteer leaders including teachers, an educational psychologist and a mental nurse contributed to GB’s response. Stacey Cripps, Team Leader of 5th Bradford GB and a primary teacher, shares ‘I feel it's important that GB responds to this as we work with 21st century girls with 21st century issues and we're often their "safe" adult. If we're to support these girls in their journey to becoming confident, self-loving young women we need to ensure they're equipped with the right information for today's world.’

In many ways, GB is also informally equipping girls and young women with positive RSE skills and awareness in a number of ways:

  • GB’s innovative programme material explores Sex and Relationship Education (SRE) and Personal, Social, Health and Economic education (PSHE) including issues like relationships, sex, bullying, self-worth and emotions
  • GB provides equipping programmes, resources and events for our volunteer leaders and churches on issues such as mental health, self-harm, relationships and sex, shame and vulnerability, and self-worth
  • GB Ministries developed koko - an award-winning and innovative vlog which explores issues that matter to girls. Through developing short films on issues like bullying, resilience and loss, koko aims to encourage girls to share these films online and therefore turn up the volume of hope among girls.

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