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Go global with GB

GB England & Wales is part of a global family that expresses itself in different ways around the world.

Worldwide there are over 3,000 GB companies and over 126,000 members.

GB is active in five fellowships (areas) – Africa, Asia, Caribbean & Americas, Europe and Pacific – and every country is united in its vision to help girls and young women Seek, Serve and Follow Christ.

Each fellowship has a chairman who represents their area’s views and concerns at an international presidents’ committee meeting which takes place annually and every four years an international conference takes place.

Check out some GB websites from around the world for more details or the GB International website. Or why not download the latest GB International annual report (2011) below?



Caribbean & Americas


International events

An international prayer celebration is held on the same day each year to mark the anniversary of GB’s birth in its current form.
On the 10 June 1968 three organisations - The Girls’ Brigade (Ireland), Girls’ Life Brigade and The Girls’ Guildry merged to form The Girls’ Brigade.
This date is now known as the International Day of Prayer - and GB members around the world pray for girls, young women and the continuing ministry of GB.

The different GB fellowships also work to support each other’s projects, for example...

  • In summer 2011, 33 girls and leaders from GB England & Wales took part in the FIZZ initiative – a mission trip to Kosova where they worked in the local community and with a GB company. This scheme has been chosen as GB International's project until 2014.
  • GB Asia is cementing its place as a radical movement dealing with poverty with its VillageWorks initiative. This is a cottage industry in Cambodia where local women make handicrafts, which are managed, marketed and sold by GB Asia. The scheme benefits more than 60 rural artisans who use indigenous materials and traditional craft techniques.

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