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January's prayer pointers

3 Jan 2018

Pray for GB's work and impact this month by downloading our prayer flyer for January 2018 or by checking out some online prayer pointers.

Prayer is the backdrop of GB and we'd love you to pray, as an individual or in a group, for the GB family. 

Why not download the prayer flyer for January 2018 below or read on for the prayer points?

Below you’ll find 7 prayer points – 1 for each day of the week – so you can pray for each point around 4 times over the course of an average month.

GB’s 125th year: 
2018 is GB’s special anniversary – give thanks to God for all that He’s done through GB over the past 125 years and all He will do this year.

Give Hope: Give Hope is one of the #WeAreGB125 challenges – pray for all the GB groups who will be engaging in social action to benefit their local community such as supporting food banks, raising money for charity, litter picking and caring for the environment.

Build Hope: Build Hope is one of the #WeAreGB125 challenges – pray for all the GB groups and individuals who will be growing GB’s reach through things like helping to organise a ‘bring a friend’ event or sharing with others about GB at a local school, church, or holiday club.

Celebrate Hope: Celebrate Hope is one of the #WeAreGB125 challenges – pray for all the GB groups who will be gathering people together to share and continue GB’s story of raising hope such as a 125th birthday party, celebration service, or special dinner.

Current members and leaders: Pray for all the GB members, former members, and leaders who will hear God’s message of hope this year. May they be encouraged and inspired to draw ever nearer to Him as a result.

GB staff team: Pray for the GB staff team as they seek to support groups across England & Wales in this anniversary year. May it be a time of celebration and joy for them too.

2018 calendar: Pray for GB’s national events scheduled for 2018 including The Esther Generation Weekend in February, The Esther Collective starting in February, the spring conference in March, and Cliff Festival in May.


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