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Join The Esther Collective at Authentically Me conference

12 Apr 2017

The Esther Collective's Charlotte Hendy has been invited to speak at a women's conference called Authentically Me - and you can attend.

The event is being organised by Christ Church Baptist Church in Kings Langley on Saturday 6 May 2017. The conference will be focused around Psalm 139, and will be an opportunity for women to take time aside from their busy life and ‘just be’.

Charlotte, who leads The Esther Collective initiative, has been invited to speak at the conference alongside Dianne Tidball, recently retired Baptist minister and soon to be President of the Baptist Union. The day will also be hosted by Amanda Allchorn, Chair of Girls’ Brigade Ministries, with worship led by Debbie Wood.

Authentically Me is open to all women to discover who God has made them to be, and how they can live this out authentically. As well as addresses on the theme, there will also be creative sessions and Communion, with a bookshop and cafe available too.

Charlotte says 'We live in a world that's obsessed with being authentic - from natural health food fads to sharing more of ourselves on social media, we're constantly encouraged to both be authentic and to seek that which is authentic. But sometimes we make do with fakes, knock-offs and filtered versions of ourselves.

'I'm so excited to be part of Authentically Me and to re-discover the value of what it means to be authentic, and how that's transformed even further when we bring God into the mix. It's a privilege to have been invited.'

Tickets are available for just £10 and a brochure with booking form can be downloaded here. Don’t forget to save the date – Saturday 6 May 2017 – and reserve your ticket now.

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