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July's prayer pointers

5 Jul 2018

Pray for GB's work and impact this month by downloading our prayer flyer for July 2018 or by checking out some online prayer pointers.

Prayer is the backdrop of GB and we'd love you to pray, as an individual or in a group, for the GB family. 

Why not download the prayer flyer for July 2018 below or read on for the prayer points?

Below you’ll find 7 prayer points – 1 for each day of the week – so you can pray for each point around 4 times over the course of an average month.

GB International: Pray for the GB International President’s team as they meet from 16 – 20 July in Zambia. Pray for wisdom, discernment and unity as the team explores God’s vision and goals for seeing more lives transformed  though GB’s ministry across the world.

GB groups: As the GB year comes to an end, we thank God for every girl and leader who is part of the GB England & Wales family. We pray for an exciting and blessed last couple of weeks before the summer break.

GB125: Thank God for the fruitfulness of GB’s ministry over the past 125 years and for five generations of courageous, passionate and committed women investing in the next generation of girls. What an incredible legacy!

ICGB 2018: Pray for the GBEW team who are joining 300 other GB members from 20 countries travelling to the International Conference in Zambia (21-18 July). Pray for an inspiring, challenging and transformative time.

Gender stereotypes: In July, GBEW’s second Culture Check-Up vlog on gender stereotypes is launched. Pray that it will help GB leaders and parents understand and engage with recent research about girls, culture and faith in the UK.

Advocacy: Pray for the 112 Chibok girls who were abducted over four years ago in Nigeria and remain missing; at least six are members of GB. Pray for comfort, strength and peace for them and their families as well as freedom.

koko: Give thanks for the award-winning koko team who are passionate about raising hope for girls. Developed in response to the issues teenage girls face worldwide, koko aims to help them explore life together – inspiring, challenging and encouraging them.


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