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June's prayer pointers

1 Jun 2018

Pray for GB's work and impact this month by downloading our prayer flyer for June 2018 or by checking out some online prayer pointers.

Prayer is the backdrop of GB and we'd love you to pray, as an individual or in a group, for the GB family. 

Why not download the prayer flyer for June 2018 below or read on for the prayer points?

Below you’ll find 7 prayer points – 1 for each day of the week – so you can pray for each point around 4 times over the course of an average month.

GB’s International Day of Prayer
– 10 June is a day to pray for the GB family around the world remembering particularly the International Conference (ICGB) preparations before the event takes place in Zambia in July.

Summer conference
– GB’s summer conference is taking place at Cliff College on Saturday 30 June. The afternoon session will look at the story of Mary and Martha – pray that we’re all encouraged to strike a balance between being and doing.

DofE expeditions
– pray for all GB members who are tackling DofE expeditions this month that they may have enthusiasm and energy for the task ahead, as well as having fun.

– give thanks to God for the amazing opportunities that being involved in GB provides thinking particularly of royal events such as this month’s trooping the colour and all the #WeAreGB125 celebrations and activities happening this summer.

Residential Events – pray that all those attending Residential Events this summer will learn more about God and grow in faith as a result.

– this month sees meetings of the GB Ministries’ Trustee Board and the GB England & Wales’ Network Executive. Pray for wisdom and vision in their discussions.

GB leaders
– we remember the many GB leaders who have tricky situations ongoing in their personal lives and pray for them to know God’s comfort and peace as they juggle the demands upon them.


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