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Lives transformed at Esther Generation Weekend

27 Feb 2018

Nearly 70 young women and leaders attended this year's Esther Generation Weekend between 23 and 25 February 2018.

The event was for GB’s 14-25s inspiring, equipping and empowering them to speak out for their generation and make a difference as they completed either their young leaders’ n:fluence 14-18s training or their Queen’s Award residential.

GB’s Participation and Advocacy Co-ordinator Claire Rush says ‘The Esther Generation Weekend demonstrates that GB is a fun, positive and hope-filled environment for girls and young women.

'As a result of attending, many girls feel more confident in their God-given abilities, feel more inspired to make a difference and, most importantly, have taken huge steps in their faith journey - from committing to following Jesus to reigniting their calling. God is definitely using GB to turn up the volume of hope among girls!'

Held at Cliff College in Derbyshire, the n:fluence 14-18s group completed the publicity challenge, looking at ways of promoting GB to 4-8s and making a promotional video.

The Queen’s Award stream looked at social issues, particularly facing girls, around the world such as mental health and gender sterotypes, and responded to them using their giftings, ideas and passions.

Other activities over the weekend included workshops on dance, drama, photography, games, upcycling clothes, a movie night, craft, soul care, worship and lots of fun.

The theme for the weekend’s worship sessions was the beautiful exchange, based on Isaiah Chapter 61.

Feedback from those who attended the weekend includes…

'I've enjoyed meeting others from my GB family, learning about injustice and discovering how to change the world.'

'My highlight was being part of the worship band, as I wanted to last year but was too shy and thanks to encouragement, I had a great time!'

'I feel inspired to make a difference, to be an advocate and turn up the volume of hope for girls.'

'The best thing about the weekend was having an opportunity to check in with God and focus on what He has to say to me.'

The young women who attended were challenged to step out of their comfort zones and be brave over the weekend, which many of them did by visiting the prayer space, speaking on stage for the first time, being confident in themselves, meeting new people, and being willing to try new experiences.

Feedback to completing the sentence Because of Esther Generation Weekend... includes: 

  • I'm going to make a difference in the world
  • I'm going to throw out labels and be an advocate
  • I'm going to make more of a difference by being a shepherd and not a sheep!
  • I'm going to challenge gender stereotypes
  • I'm going to follow God
  • I'm going to love myself because God loves me; He created me this way!
  • I'm going to tell my friends about Jesus and how I want to live
  • I'm going to bring myself and others to Christ.
  • I'm going to read the Bible more regularly
  • I'm going to talk to God more and listen to Him
  • I'm going to ditch the negative labels about myself
  • I believe that God made me unique.

Claire adds 'The weekend wouldn't have been possible without our amazing volunteer leadership team. They really were amazing! And we'd also like to say a massive thank you to Eden, who donated merchandise to the young women attending, and the Gideons who provided GB-crested New Testaments for the young women.'

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