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Making it happen: Gather

Understand local opportunities, develop vision and begin to create a team...

(a) Gather together information, facts, and insight about the opportunities and need for local mission among children and young people.

Download the Exploring Needs and Opportunities Survey below. When completing this, draw upon a range of insights e.g. those of your minister, parents, children/young people etc.

(b) Gather together to share, to pray and to develop vision.

Share the opportunities/needs discovered with the wider church family.
Encourage prayer for God’s leading.
Invite a GB Mission Enabler to your church to share/provide a presentation on how GB could help make the most of these opportunities.

Simply phone us on 01246 582322 or email to arrange a visit.

(c) Gather together a team to help make the vision become a reality.

Identify, invite and encourage people to join your GB Team and become volunteers.

For ideas in how to do this download the Exploring Volunteering document below.


For resources to help you to do this check out GB's online shop - specifically our promotional materials.

Once you've completed Gather (step one) move on to Grow (step two).