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Making memories at Buckingham Palace

9 Jun 2017
Girls' Brigade has been represented at two Garden Parties at Buckingham Palace in the past month.
Chair of GB Ministries' Trustee Board Amanda Allchorn, GB Ministries' Trustee Ken Poulter, GB England & Wales Trustee Hazel Hepworth, and Leader at 1st Walsall Wood (and former trustee) Karen Hubbard attended on 23 May 2017.
Plus 12 Queen's Award recipients, aged under 25, were stewards at a Garden Party on 1 June, pictured above.
One of the young women, Rachel Kirtley, from 1st Ponteland, pictured below, says 'It was an honour to be invited, as a steward, to the Queen's royal Garden Party. I spent the day assisting the guests, guiding them from the grand entrance to the palace steps onto the lawn.
'I spoke to the Queen on her arrival and had a quick conversation about my Queen's Award and Gold Duke of Edinburgh's Award. Both the Girls' and Boys' Brigades formed a guard of honour for the 7,600 plus guests on their departure. It was an incredible day, making memories to last a lifetime.'

Another, Bethany Howard, from 8th Portsmouth, adds 'I had a wonderful time and it was a great experience.'

The four GB guests, who attended in May, pictured below, had a couple of people spot their uniforms and comment that they used to be in GB or BB - including the person that served their lunch at Westminster Central Hall.

Amanda says 'It was great fun seeing the Queen, Prince Phillip, Prince Charles, and Camilla. The surroundings were beautiful and the tea delicious! At such a key time in the life of GB, just before our 125th anniversary next year, it felt important to be visible at such an iconic event.'

Karen, pictured with Hazel below, says 'It was a real honour and pleasure to be able to represent GB at the royal Garden Party. We managed to get really close to the Queen, Prince Philip, and Prince Charles and listen to some of the conversations they had with specific guests. We also were able to talk to a few guests about who we represented and we enjoyed soaking up the atmosphere of being in the grounds of Buckingham Palace on this special occasion.'

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