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Welcome to your n:counta pages

An extra place for 10-14s to meet real life head on… and an extra place for your leaders to get games and resource ideas.

What does meeting real life head on mean? Hopefully GB helps you understand more about yourself, your skills and what God says about you. What are your favourite parts of GB  - catching up with friends? games? hot chocolate? Quite a few of the n:counta tracks suggest toast and time to chat, which is a fab idea.

Whether you have good relationships with your parents, friends, teachers, boyfriends or they're causing you grief, GB is a safe and fun place for you to be.

Try this from the n:counta track – Working Together

PLAY – shrinking islands
Give each team of three to four people a double page of newspaper, which they need to stand on.

Play music of their choice, fold their page of newspaper in half and when the music stops, the team needs to re-assemble on their island, which will now be half the size.

Continue as many times as possible finding creative ways for the team to all be on a smaller and smaller piece of paper.

REWIND – yummy chocolate squares
Crushed digestive biscuits, margarine, cherries, currants, cocoa powder and melted chocolate – yum, what a mixture. See the n:counta track (Week 04) for the full recipe.

Work as a team and then discuss how the individual ingredients are not as effective alone compared to when they are together. How does that apply to GB teams? Sports teams? Friendship groups?

We hope you find these ideas helpful whether you're in a GB group or not. Become a fan of The Girls' Brigade England & Wales on Facebook and if you want to find a group near you, contact 01246 582322 or email.

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