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New Culture Check-Up vlog on gender stereotypes – This GB Girl Can

11 Oct 2018

On International Day of the Girl 2018, GB England & Wales has launched Vol. 3 of its Culture Check-Up vlog which aims to inspire leaders to engage with girl culture in innovative ways.

Featuring the voices of young women who attended the Esther Generation Weekend 2018, this short film explores the impact of gender stereotypes – the societal pressure for girls to be and act a certain way - and how GB can continue to be a place where all girls can flourish.

Advocacy Co-ordinator Dr Claire Rush explains ‘In the Girls’ Attitude survey, 55% of girls (7-21) say gender stereotypes affect girls’ ability to say what they think. I love that challenging gender stereotypes has been part of GB’s DNA from the very beginning. 125 years ago, a brave woman with a vision from God created a movement for girls in a culture which didn’t even allow girls to vote or gain uni degrees. Margaret Lyttle and 6 generations of hope-filled GB leaders have demonstrated that God uses both boys and girls to be transformers and hope-bringers. Today in the face of a culture which seeks to limit girls, we say "This GB Girl Can".’

The vlog contains 4 practical tips for GB leaders to help girls challenge gender stereotypes and it signposts a new resource by GB International which helps girls and young women challenge injustices in their local communities and be advocates of hope. Read more about this new free resource here or download it below. This new resource, the Raising Hope Advocacy Toolkit can be used at any point in the year by GB groups. It contains a poem by GB England & Wales member Elisabeth and links to a period taboo video by a GB Europe group from The Europe Gathering GB125 (which included GB England & Wales members).

This is the third of a series of vlogs which aims to help leaders unpack key issues impacting girls in the UK. Vol. 1 on mental health was launched during Mental Health Awareness Week in May and Vol. 2 on Love Island was launched in July.

The new film can be viewed online below or even shared with your local or regional leadership team as part of your on-going commitment to equip yourself.

Why don’t you share GB’s Culture Check-Up vlog on gender stereotypes on your social media and help GB invest in leaders, parents and wider church members?



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