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Discover the adventure!

Seven to 11s discover the adventure of following Jesus through GB's resource - n:gage 

Which n:gage adventures have you done already? Obedience – the story of Abraham is fun, especially making moon and star biscuits, yum! And how about Kindness - exploring the example of Dorcas, acting out scenarios of showing kindness and getting creative with sewing. 

To find a group near you, ask an adult to call 01235 510425 or email

Try this from the n:gage adventure – Courage

Share the clip from The Lion King where Simba hears his pack is in trouble and decides to make the difficult journey to see if he can help, even though he may be ignored when he gets there. Simba shows courage. Courage is about being brave and trusting God when faced with difficult situations.

1st Didcot’s 7-11s heard from a BMS Action Team about being courageous living overseas and sharing about Jesus. They then used money from a non uniform evening to choose gifts from GB’s gift catalogue for Kosova. “They liked making a difference and they enjoyed the maths!" shares their leader. 

Other Bible characters you can learn about courage from:

• Stephen - find out in Acts 7 about the first person to be killed for believing that Jesus rose from the dead and how Stephen courageously prayed for those who were stoning him. 
• Elijah courageously stood up against the prophets of a false God in 1 Kings Ch.18:16-46. 

Team Challenge 2012-2013

Check out the answers and use the challenges again to explore Go Gideon Go.

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n:gage page from The View

Download prayer and praise ideas from this n:gage page from The View.

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Games ideas

Check out a mixture of games ideas for seven to 11s.

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GB wordsearch

Download this wordsearch of GB words.

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All about Zacchaeus

Activities to add to n:gage adventure - Generosity. 

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