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November's prayer pointers

1 Nov 2017

Pray for GB's work and impact this month by downloading our prayer flyer for November 2017 or by checking out some online prayer pointers.

Prayer is the backdrop of GB and we'd love you to pray, as an individual or in a group, for the GB family. 

Why not download the prayer flyer for November 2017 below or read on for the prayer points?

Below you’ll find 7 prayer points – 1 for each day of the week – so you can pray for each point around 4 times over the course of an average month.

Transformation stories:
‘Because of GB, I am strong, loved and a follower of Jesus.’ Thank God for all the transformational stories from GB members around the world which are featured in GB International’s #iamgb video.

Remembrance Day:
As people participate in Remembrance Day and remember those who’ve passed away, we pray that God will comfort people in their sorrow and pain. We pray for peace and put our faith in God’s future; for He is the source of life and hope.

GB conference
: GB’s next conference on 4 November 2017 will include the opportunity to explore how we can help children and young people cope with difficult feelings like shame and guilt. Pray that it will be a time of much freedom and inspiration.

Recent research reports cite that more girls than ever are needing God’s broken world to be restored. Pray that God would continue to use us to be restorers and hope-bringers to our communities.

Pray for families connected to GB that are struggling - with finance, health, unemployment, or bereavement. May their GB relationships be a source of new hope.

Esther Generation Weekend:
Plans are well under way for the Esther Generation Weekend in February 2018. Please pray for our amazing volunteer leadership team and all the young women who are booked to attend. May it be a transformative weekend for everyone.

Praise God:
One of the names of God from the Bible is El-Roi – the God who sees. Meditate on that name for a while. We praise God who created us and knows the number of hairs on our head and who sent His only son to die for us.


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    On Wednesday, Girlguiding released its annual Girls’ Attitudes survey. The biggest survey of its kind in the UK, it asked the opinions of just under 2,000 girls and young women aged 7 to 21 (not just members of Girlguiding). As it gives us an insight about how girls feel about a range of issues, emerging pressures and what they need to support their happiness, wellbeing and opportunities in life, it’s important that we listen to their voices.

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    In January 2017 a group of members from the West London Gym team decided to form the West London Youth Network (WLYN) to enable the older members of GB and Boys’ Brigade (BB) to remain both involved and engaged despite moving on to university or work.

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