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Welcome to GB’s n:vestigate pages

An extra place of resource ideas to help four to eights join the journey of learning new skills and following Jesus.

There are so many n:vestigations to choose from – Our Planet, Our Favourite Things, Celebrations, Other Countries – all packed with Get Mucky! activities, Jump Up! games, Dig Deep! and Zoom In! to find out about the topic and what the Bible can teach us. Gabby and Barney, two GB characters decide to investigate and invite you to join them.

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Try this from the n:vestigation – Helpful People

Explore It!
The classroom was quiet. Everyone was enjoying their time of silent reading, when suddenly ‘Brrrriiinnng!’. ‘Whoa! What’s that? It’s so loud,’ asked Gabby. Their teacher explained to them that it was an alarm for a fire practice. Barney pointed across the playground ‘Look over there, there’s a fireperson checking that everything is okay.’ Gabby said ‘Isn’t it great that we have people who’ll help us in an emergency?’ I wonder who else might help us in an emergency?’ Let’s n:vestigate!

Jump Up!
• Teach the group the following commands and actions:
  o Stop the traffic – hold right hand up
  o Catch the thief – chase to the back of the room
  o Help someone – find a partner and hold their arm
  o Drive the police car – hold the steering wheel and jog round saying ‘nee-naw’.
 See n:vestigate booklet for more actions.
• Everyone walks around the room with hands behind their backs like a policeman on duty.
• The leader calls out the different commands and the group quickly carry out the appropriate action.
• The last person or anyone who does the incorrect action is out until the game is repeated.

Get Mucky!
Make and colour policeman finger puppets using the resource sheet downloadable opposite. 

Let’s share with the Gabby and Barney toys (or Fudge the floppy dog) about some of the people who help us in emergencies. It’s important to pray for and say thank you to the people who help us - and don’t forget to put this week’s n:vestigate sticker in your n:vestigate sticker book.

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Helpful People resource sheet

Download this resource sheet from the Helpful People n:vestigate booklet.

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Fudge the floppy dog colouring sheet

A handy colouring sheet to download and use at any time.

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