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Send me nudes petition

9 Aug 2017

Girls’ Brigade supported the ‘Send me nudes’ petition because we’re passionate about turning up the volume of hope for girls and helping them live life to the full.  

The petition was launched by Girls’ Brigade England & Wales’ President Rachel Gardner asking Missguided to remove a ‘Send me nudes’ sign in their Kent store. It received over 9,000 signatures and was featured by Evening Standard, Cosmopolitan and Daily Telegraph. On Monday, Missguided announced that it was removing the neon sign from the store.

GB members have told us that sexting is an issue that impacts them. Jazz, 20, from 1st Hawkwell shares ‘With the influence of social media, young people are under so much pressure to look and act a certain way.’  And Megan, 16, from 1st Hawkwell adds ‘Living in a culture where there's a pressure to send people "nude pictures" can be really challenging because you're made to look like an outsider just for saying no.’

In our GB groups and projects across the country, we’re cultivating a culture of worth and dignity for all of God’s people especially girls contrary to popular culture’s increasing sexual objectification of them.

Although the petition has now been closed, there's more you can do to educate yourself about the issue of sexting and the increasingly sexualisation of popular culture that surrounds us all and is impacting the lives of girls in our care.

Here’s some useful articles and resources:

  • Volumise leaders’ resource – in the GB leaders’ online resource base you can find our Volumise resources (including a leaders’ resource and 5 films from GBEW President Rachel Gardner) about how to explore relationships and sex with young people – find out more here
  • The NSPCC website provides helpful info for parents and leaders about the risks of sexting and how to support young people impacted by it – read it here
  • A Parent’s Guide About Young People and Porn from Youthscape – buy it here
  • ‘Self-esteem: I am not enough’; an article by GB’s Advocacy Co-ordinator Claire Rush in Youth and Children’s Workread it here
  • GB programme resources such as n:spire's Love Channel buy them here if you're a GB leader
  • Advocacy programme resources – these interactive and fun programme resources help girls of all ages to make a difference, be critical consumers of culture as well as cultivate a culture of worth - buy them here if you're a GB leader
  • Worth The Wait is a film about relationships and sex produced by koko, a mission initiative of GB Ministries. GB England & Wales commissioned this film which you can use as a discussion starter with your GB group and to share online to produce more of a positive media culture - watch it here
  • Kilter resource – GB has also worked with Frontiers Youth Trust to produce Kilter resources on girls, media and objectification - download it free here
  • Esther Generation Weekend – encourage young women to sign up for Queen’s Award and come to the Esther Generation Weekend (EGW). As part of the #GBraiseshope stream at EGW, young women are encouraged to speak in God’s light and truth on issues that impact their generation. Details about 2018’s event will be released soon
  • Activism - GB has been involved in a number of campaigns advocating against sexual objectification and advocating for the full God-given worth of girls to be respected in popular culture. Let us know if you think that there's an issue or situation we should be turning up the volume of hope for girls on by emailing Claire.

Claire says 'Girls’ Brigade England & Wales believes it's time for a new hope-filled narrative for girls. Girls and women have so much more to give to the world than just their naked bodies. As a leader and a parent, you have a powerful role of advocating with and for girls every day in your words and actions. Together, standing side by side, let’s continue to create a culture of worth for all.'

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