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Explore some of GB's great resources.

You can take a look at:

A five-week programme for 10-14s looking at self-esteem including how we can maintain a positive image of ourselves.

Redefining church
It can be tricky encouraging children and young people to attend church – this article considers the reasons why and looks at different ways of doing church.

Money matters
Budgeting and the importance of giving are just two of the topics covered by this five-week programme for 10 to 14s.

Find out about funding
This article, taken from GB’s magazine, looks at different ways you can get funding for your youth group from gift aid to grants.

The future
A programme for 13-18s looking at leaving home and learning to live independently.

Diva channel
A programme for 13-18s looking at true beauty.

Our planet
A five-week programme for four to eights looking at our planet - taken from the n:vestigate resource.

Adam and Eve
A five-week programme about stewardship, focusing on the Bible characters of Adam and Eve - taken from the n:gage resource.

Hot topics
Engage your 13-18s in activities and discussion relating to issues they face around sex and body image with this free resource.

Latest news...

  • Building Hope in Southend

    18 Jun 2019

    Girls’ Brigade Ministries recently hosted the first ever Build Hope breakfast for local church leaders in the Fisherman’s Chapel in Leigh-on-Sea, Southend. 

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  • Join in with UK Parliament Week

    12 Jun 2019

    This year, Girls’ Brigade England & Wales has become an official partner with UK Parliament Week, which means we’re producing our own special UK Parliament Week booklet and badge.

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  • Volunteers' Week 2019

    6 Jun 2019

    This week (1-7 June 2019) we've been celebrating Volunteers' Week 2019 by giving thanks for our volunteers and all that they do week in and week out for the children and young people in their GB group(s).


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