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Tea party fun

7 Sep 2017

Up and down the country, GB regions have been hosting ARMS Tea Parties to gather people together to celebrate and share memories of GB.

Featuring yummy home-made cakes, a variety of games including ‘how many sweets in the jar?’ and a lot of laughter, the ARMS Tea Parties have been a great success.

Encouraged by the many women who have joined our Associate and Retired Members Scheme (ARMS) and supported the ongoing mission of GB, we wanted to bring these women together to thank them for their support, and to share stories of GB – past, present and future. The ARMS Tea Parties were also an opportunity to raise money for GB so that we can continue our mission of enabling girls and young women to Seek, Serve and Follow Christ.

Many people who attended one of the ARMS Tea Parties have enjoyed the opportunity to connect with friends old and new.

Margaret Edwards, who hosted an ARMS Tea Party in Leicestershire, says 'We had a very nice time at the ARMS Tea Party. There were a lot of memories shared of times we had in GB. We're hoping to have another get together and party next year!'

There are more ARMS Tea Parties planned – take a look at this article to find one near to you, or get in touch with GB's Charlotte Hendy.

If you’d like to join ARMS and support the ongoing mission of GB through prayer and giving, you can find more information here.

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