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The power of the cross - an Easter message

13 Apr 2017

Greetings to our worldwide family, writes GB's International President Vivienne Aitchison.

As we approach Easter 2017, I challenge you to re-read the story of Calvary, or to sit and look at a simple cross, while reflecting on what it means to you. I ask you to do this because the cross is, after all, the recognised symbol of the Christian Church of which we're all a part.

Interestingly, if you were to ask children what a cross meant to them, you may discover that for many their first response would have nothing to do with the cross of Calvary. A cross, they might well say, means you’ve got it wrong. A cross is a sign that a mistake has been made! But is that not true, too, of the cross of Calvary? It's a sign that we’ve got things wrong, made mistakes or, to use theological language, we’ve sinned. If we hadn’t made those mistakes there would be no need of the cross.

Others will tell you that a cross is what you put after your name when you write a letter or send a card – it’s a kiss, a symbol of love. Again the parallel is there. The cross of Calvary is exactly that a symbol of the love of God almighty who gave His Son that we might live.

In some parts of the world the cross is also linked to the whole experience of making choices. It's the way votes are expressed in an election. A cross next to a name means you’ve made a choice for that person. It’s a sign of our allegiance to someone’s beliefs, ideologies and policies.

The cross of Calvary also requires us to make daily choices as to the path we'll take in life, whose teachings we'll adhere to or whose lead we'll follow. 

In this year, when our GB International theme is Be Empowered, we need more than ever the power of the cross if we're to be effective witnesses and servants of Christ. We need to know our mistakes have been cancelled out by the love of God who wants us to reaffirm our allegiance to Him.

May you be empowered as you pray this prayer...

‘I want to know Christ and experience the mighty power that raised Him from the dead.’ Philippians Ch.3:10 (NLT).

Easter blessings to you all.

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