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Turning up the volume of hope on mental health

4 Mar 2017

More than 100 GB leaders attended the GB spring conference today (Saturday 4 March 2017) to learn more about turning up the volume of hope on mental health.

The event, at All Nations Church in Bedford, also gave GB leaders the chance to hear the latest GB news, and to worship and network with each other.

Nathan Jones, Founding Director of Teens in Crisis (TIC+), based in Gloucestershire, led the Volumise session looking at turning up the volume of hope on mental health.

The session included the launch of a new koko film, called Resilient, looking at the topic of mental health and a GB leader, aged 21, sharing her story of living with a generalised anxiety disorder and how GB has helped her.

One GB leader says 'GB has the opportunity to play such an amazing role in the lives of so many girls by creating safe and loving spaces to explore their mental health.'

Another says 'This was a very personal session. I've struggled with anxiety for 18 months and it's a lonely walk. God keeps showing me I'm not alone.'

And another says 'Nathan was amazing - inspiring, funny and empowering. A perfect session.'

Other conference updates included:

* The news that GB's Director Ruth Gilson will be leaving GB and training for ordained Methodist ministry.

Lots of opportunities coming up to share GB's impact and reach in the coming weeks - Social Action Snapshot, Spotlight, Census, and a connection with Anchor Care Homes to provide volunteer placements for GB's young people doing DofE/Queen's Award. Watch this space for more details! 

* It's just 303 days until GB's 125th birthday year! Check out our regional tour dates if you want to find out more - we're looking forward to hearing people's ideas to Build Hope, Give Hope and Celebrate Hope.

* GB International's Conference (ICGB) is taking place in July 2018 in Zambia. GBEW can send 10 official delegates and details of the selection process will be made available shortly. There's also an opportunity for GB friends and supporters to attend. A great opportunity to meet inspiring leaders from around the world.

* And much, much more.

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