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Volumise - resources from GB's conferences

Let's talk about sex

Let's talk about sex was a session held at Girls' Brigade's conference in November 2015 to equip leaders to explore issues with young people around relationships and sex. 

What materials are available to help me?

The resource downloadable below has been produced to help you, as leaders, multiply the learning from the Volumise session with other leaders in your group, local area and region. 

You'll also find five video clips of GB's President Rachel Gardner, expanding on what she said at GB's autumn conference, related to each section of the resource, as well as a link to a film by koko, a mission initiative from GB Ministries, called Worth the wait - you can show this to your teenage girls to introduce the theme as a discussion starter or use it when specified in the leaders' resource.

If you want to download any of the Rachel Gardner clips or the koko film so you can use them in a place where you don't have internet access, why not use this website?


Video clip one aims to equip you to think about how we can engage with issues about relationships and sex, and can be used in conjunction with the resource sheet above.


Video clip two aims to equip you to explore a positive Biblical understanding of sex, and can be used in conjunction with the resource sheet above.


Video clip three aims to empower you to talk about the issues around relationships and sex confidently with young people, and can be used in conjunction with the resource sheet above.


Video clip four aims to help you as leaders to celebrate each person's God-given worth.

Personal response

GB's President Rachel Gardner gives an example of how she'd share with young women about why she waited until she was married before having sex.

Worth the wait

Worth the wait is a film about relationships and sex produced by koko, a mission initiative of GB Ministries. GB England & Wales commissioned this film which you can use as a discussion starter with your girls or alongside the leaders' resource above.