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#WeAreGB125 regional tour diary dates

17 Jan 2017

The #WeAreGB125 regional tour provides the opportunity for GB volunteers to explore the hope that Jesus brings, and to look at how they can get involved in GB’s #WeAreGB125 anniversary project. 

The tour focuses upon 3 key challenges which make up this project:

Give Hope - exploring a range of ideas for social action activities which groups can engage with to help benefit their communities

Build Hope - unpacking ways in which new and existing groups can grow

Celebrate Hope - looking at how we can look back, look forward, and celebrate in GB's 125th year!

GB's Mission Co-ordinator Hannah Field says 'The #WeAreGB125 tour therefore seeks to not only raise people's awareness of how they can participate in these challenges, but to help equip them to do so to - as GB's story of raising hope continues to grow!'

A series of #WeAreGB125 regional tour sessions will soon be taking place in the following regions across the country. We’d love to see you there! Call GB on 01246 582322 or email Hannah for more details.

Region 4 - Saturday 4 February 2017
Region 1 – Saturday 18 March 2017
Region 2 – Saturday 25 March 2017
Region 9 – Saturday 25 March 2017
Region 3 – Saturday 29 April 2017

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